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Inclusion Agency Tasmania

Welcome to Lady Gowrie Tasmania’s Inclusion Support Program (ISP)
Empowering Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care Services in Tasmania

At Lady Gowrie Tasmania, we are proud to be the state-wide provider of the Inclusion Support Program (ISP), generously funded by the Australian Government Department of Education. Our mission is simple yet profound: to champion inclusive practices in Early Childhood Education and Child Care Services across Tasmania.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

The core of our ISP is dedicated to supporting Early Childhood Education and Care Services in enhancing their capacity and capabilities to deliver high-quality inclusive practices. We believe that every child, regardless of their background or needs, has the right to a nurturing educational environment where they can grow, explore, and thrive alongside their peers.

Join us on our journey to create an inclusive world for every child. Together, we can make a difference.

Our Website

Ready to embark on your inclusion journey with Lady Gowrie Tasmania’s Inclusion Support Program? Visit our website to explore how we can empower your service and nurture the potential of every child.

‘Inclusion in early childhood education and care is not about fitting children into existing spaces; it’s about creating spaces that fit every child’.

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